Thursday, December 28, 2017

Media Coverage of Trump Three Times More Negative than Obama’s Coverage

Lt. Col. Michael Waltz (Retired), former Metis Solutions CEO and Green Beret Commander, outlined the basic differences between previous President Obama and President Trump's agendas for national security.

The coverage by the media of President Donald Trump has been extremely negative, over three times more critical than former President Obama’s initial media coverage and two times more than that of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

According to Pew Research Center, the earlier coverage of Donald Trump was 62% negative. In comparison, Barack Obama’s coverage by the media was only 20% negative.

According to Pew, around 6 in 10 stories on Donald Trump’s earlier days in office had a negative evaluation, approximately three times more than within earlier media coverage for Barack Obama and around two times that of Clinton and Bush. Media coverage of Trump’s earlier time in office moved away from a concentration on the policy agenda and then more toward leadership and character.

The published report on the difficult media coverage was discussed in Pew’s year-ending study entitled ‘Seventeen Striking Findings From the Year 2017.’

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Monday, December 25, 2017

Trump celebrated Christmas with his family

According to the White House, President Trump is celebrated Christmas like the majority of people in America: surrounded by family.

He spent his 1st Christmas in office at his private club and estate in Palm Beach, FL. According to The White House, Trump worked, but he also spent time with family members.

Earlier Monday, Trump was briefed on a suicide bombing in Afghanistan which killed at least 6 individuals. Who claimed responsibility for the attack? The Islamic State group.

Also, Trump released a short video where Melania Trump, first lady, joined in to ‘wish America and the whole world a Merry Christmas.’

Trump added that Christmas is the "season of joy" where folks spend time with their loved ones, renew bonds of goodwill and love, and celebrate Christmas’ miracle.

At 3:40 a.m. on Christmas Eve, President Trump went into his 1st Christmas in office by noting the ones he considers naughty — a leading FBI official, and the news media — as well as nice — United States troops overseas, children awaiting eagerly for the arrival of Santa. Also, he spent time golfing, investing in family time, and worshipping.

On Christmas Eve, Trump cheered troops in the U.S. who spent the holidays away from family. He told Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, and the Coast Guard members that ‘all American hearts’ are thankful for them, as well as their families.

The president started the Christmas Eve by tweeting about the FBI's deputy director and news media.

Later on, he joined Melania to take calls from kids eager to have an idea when Santa would arrive to town. The phone calls came via a Defense Dept. Santa tracker plan.

SuperTrump hopes all of his supporters enjoyed an amazing Christmas! We hope you will continue to stay tuned and be supportive in the 2018 New Year!

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Santa Ho Ho Ho!

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Santa Claus has been caught with his pants down!

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Who is on the shortlist of Time's Person of the Year for 2017?

Time announced the ten finalists who are in the running to be titled Person of the Year for 2017 that included Colin Kaepernick, President Trump, Robert Mueller and Kim Jong Un.

On Monday, this shortlist was unveiled on NBC’s “Today” TV show and its finalists were chosen by the editors of Time, according to the publication. The shortlist involved: Kaepernick, Trump, Mueller, Kim, Xi Jinping, Mohammed bin Salman, #MeToo movement, Patty Jenkins, Dreamers, and Jeff Bezos.

Most of the names that are listed on their shortlist have been, this year, surrounded by controversy. Kaepernick was the subject of talks after the National Football League anthem knee controversy increased as president Trump chimed in. #MeToo movement escalated after a string of prominent figures in Hollywood were accused of sexual harassment.

Speculation over who is going to be given the title started in November after President Trump tweeted that he “took a pass” on becoming ‘Person of the Year’ because Time wanted an interview and photoshoot.

Time, however, responded to President Trump in their own tweet: ‘President Trump isn’t correct about how we select our Person of the Year.’

This title might be granted to a group of people or a single person, and explain why the Dreamers and #MeToo movement were included on their shortlist. Since 1927, the magazine has awarded a Person of the Year, and stated that it bases its selection on how much the group or person has influenced the news within the last year.

Time said, ‘for better; for worse.’

On Wednesday, the magazine is expected to announce the Person of the Year for 2017.

Who do you think should be given the title? Make a comment below, we love hearing from you!

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Friday, December 1, 2017

According to Trump: Kate Steinle Verdict Is 'Disgraceful

Late Thursday, Trump tweeted that a verdict of ‘not guilty’ within the Steinle murder trial was “disgraceful,” and highlighted his annoyance at the resolution of a trial he’d cited within his campaign as a justification for tougher enforcement on immigration.

Mr. Jim Steinle, who was walking along with his daughter who was 32 years old when she died, echoed President’s Trump’s sentiments, and told the San Francisco Chronicle that the family was shocked and saddened by this verdict.

Earlier Thursday, a jury found Mr. Zarate not guilty in Kate Steinle’s killing upon a San Francisco pier within the presidential campaign in the year 2015.

United States immigration officials stated that they’ll deport Zarate, who’d been deported five times in the past and who was wanted for a sixth deportation as Steinle was shot in the back when walking along with her dad.

The fatal shooting touched off a heated national immigration debate, as well as was utilized by then-candidate Donald Trump to push for a wall upon the border of Mexico.

The trial highlighted the "sanctuary city" policy in San Francisco that restricts officials in the area from cooperating with immigration authorities in the U.S.

However, politics didn’t come up within the month-long case featuring ballistics experts’ testimony. Defense lawyers argued that Zarate was a homeless man who shot and killed Kate Steinle in a freak accident. According to prosecutors, he meant to kill her.

Garcia Zarate didn’t deny shooting Kate Steinle and said that it was an accident.

Jurors found him guilty of being a felon who possessed a firearm, which means he knowingly owned a firearm yet there wasn’t any intent for him to shoot or hurt anyone. Jeff Adachi, public defender, stated that the count carries a possible sentence of 16 months to up to three years behind prison bars.

The family didn’t go to the verdict reading. Jurors left without any comments and then the judge sealed all of their names.

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Trump is not going anywhere for quite some time. So, deal with it.

Unclench your fist. Turn the volume down. Turn your dial back down from 12. President Trump is not going anywhere for quite some time, so just deal with it.

Not just is everything hyper-politicized, the lines in between lifestyle media, news media, and activism vanished into irrelevance. Last Wednesday, the top Teen Vogue story, close to stories on how ‘Everyone Dressed in Lingerie to the After Party,’ and ‘I’ll Never Use Regular Soap Again…’  was this headline: ‘The U.S. Voted ‘No’ upon Anti-Nazi United Nations Resolution.’ The headline ran over a frightened photo of crowds holding banners, some that featured swastikas, along with smoke within the background that suggested a terrorist attack. Just when you flip through are you going to find that there isn’t any news there at all: The United States votes against the nonbinding, meaningless UN gambit each year due to the United States having this thing referred to as our First Amendment. Also, Obama’s appointees opposed this resolution.

In the meantime, “Black-ish” celeb Tracee E. Ross, earlier this month, addressed a Women of the Year conference that was hosted by Glamour magazine. The speech was in regard to being 44 and childless, yet it easily could’ve been given by some professor at Barnard rather than a sitcom celeb.

According to Ross, she looks back and considers all of the ways we are told that these two goals: having kids and being chosen, are what makes us worthy . . . this narrow tale of ‘husband plus baby equals woman.’ Plus, the patriarchy isn’t pleased with her right now. She is failing at her function. ‘Pence is f—ing confused right now by me,’ She adds.


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Thursday, November 23, 2017

SuperTrump uses super visionary powers to lead his followers to great wealth

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Next year, NFL might keep teams in locker rooms while national anthem playing

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted that the NFL is thinking about keeping teams inside their locker rooms while the national anthem is being performed next year over a fallout from players’ protesting this year.

According to Trump, the NFL now is considering a new idea – keeping the teams inside the locker room while the National Anthem is playing next season. He added that, this is almost as bad as taking a knee. He said ‘when are the highly paid commissioners finally going to get smart and tough? This problem is killing the league!’

Trump likely was referring to a report from the Washington Post that was published on Tuesday which claimed owners are mulling about an offseason change to the NFL’s anthem policy. Many sources told the newspaper that keeping the team inside their locker room is on the table.

The president was critical of players who have kneeled this whole season and has made a suggestion that the owners ought to “fire” all players kneeling within the national anthem.
Trump most recently has targeted Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Oakland Raiders, for sitting while the national anthem was being performed, yet standing for Mexico’s.
In other news:

Trump escalated his war on Twitter with LaVar Ball, basketball patriarch, referring to him as an "ungrateful fool," and “a poor man’s Don King.”

The blitz came as they continued feuding over Trump's part in securing the release of one of LaVar’s three sons after being detained in China, in which the player was held for shoplifting when touring the nation. Ball rebuffed Trump's demands for being credited, stating that it was President Jinping who freed his son.

Since last week, the Trump-Ball war has been continuing, and reached a peak last Sunday as Trump suggested that the three players should’ve been left in jail because LaVar is unaccepting of what he did for his son and ungrateful after refusing to thank him.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

U.S. President responds to Fox News by attacking another protester of the NFL

On Twitter, President Trump responded to a report on Fox News by attacking an African- American athlete.

Monday Morning, hosts of “Fox & Friends” spent a couple of minutes on Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Oakland Raiders, who took a knee within the “Star-Spangled Banner,” yet stayed standing for Mexico’s national anthem, in which the team played on Sunday against the Patriots.

Ainsley Earhardt asked, “Why were they playing in Mexico City?” Co-host Brian Kilmeade replied by saying that ‘NFL teams played in Mexico City and London each year. That is a question lots of folks who do not follow the NFL like you are asking.’

Then, the co-hosts complained about the protests by NFL players, and they could not come to an agreement on whether the players union or league was more to blame.

According to Kilmeade, it’s an international embarrassment when you travel overseas and pull this kind of stuff after the league was urging you not to. Lots of folks are putting the blame on the commissioner, but he blames the players union. The players union must crack down because it is hurting the league.

Twenty minutes later, Trump tweeted out his own complaint against Lynch.

Trump, the previous day, attacked the dad of one of the UCLA players he asked China to release after being arrested for shoplifting.

Who do you think is to blame? The league or players union? Leave a comment in the comments section. We love hearing from you!

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Profane Sticker Generates Free-Speech Controversy

A sheriff in Texas reportedly made a threat to bring charges of disorderly conduct against a truck driver for showing a vulgar anti-Trump bumper sticker on a truck’s rear window.
Sheriff Nehls of Fort Bend County said to the Houston Chronicle that he’d received multiple complaints regarding the sticker that read: “F--- TRUMP & F--- YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM.”

According to SF Gate, the driver of the truck turned out to be 46-year-old Karen Fonseca, a previous employee of the sheriff’s department with the county jail. Fonseca stated that the truck is the property of her husband, but she occasionally drives it. The truck’s sticker was shortly put on after the president was sworn into office last January.

According to Fonseca, it isn’t to cause animosity or hate, it is just freedom of speech and she is exercising it.

In the meantime, Nehls’ message on his Facebook drew complaints from the ACLU of Texas that posted on its own page on Facebook: ‘Memo to @SheriffTNehls: You cannot prosecute speech simply because it has the word “----” The truck’s owner ought to consult @ACLUTx.’

However, later Wednesday, at a news conference, Nehls backed down from pursuing charges, stating that he supports freedom of speech and acknowledges a 1971 United States case by the Supreme Court which overturned the conviction of a male for disturbing the peace by dressing in a jacket that had a curse word as part of an effort to make a protest against the Vietnam War and military draft.

According to Nehls, he has not threatened anyone with arrest. He hasn’t written any citations. However, he thinks now would be an excellent time to have meaningful conversation with that individual and express all concerns out there concerning the truck’s language.

What do you think? Should people be allowed to put such stickers on their car? Add your comments in the comment section. We love hearing from you!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

SuperTrump's Foresight Predicts Personal Fortunes for Its Followers!

Imagine having SuperTrump and his super ability to show many of you your route to making millions by 2020. Well maybe 2022, but it will happen.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Tiffany Trump Steps Out in Nude-Colored Attire

Although Tiffany Trump is currently keeping a low profile while she concentrates on her Georgetown Law studies, she was perhaps going someplace elegant when she wore a champagne, semi-sheer outfit in an Instagram photo on November 10.

Enhancing this ballerina-style, lace dress with metallic heels and a neat bun, praise for her chic attire was fast to roll in, collecting more than 35,000 likes in under 24 hours.
Furthermore, she seems to be a fan of the feminine appearance, as evidenced by a likewise post on Instagram she shared on October 13. For her birthday bash, the youngest daughter President Trump coupled a white, long-sleeved dress with a twist in her hair and heels.

Tiffany, as of late, is not the only First Family member to go sheer. On November 7, Melania dressed in a sheer, sparkly dress by J. Mendel for a South Korean state dinner.
While it isn’t clear precisely where Tiffany was going in her champagne dress, according to the Washington Post, she was seen out to dinner with friends on November 6, at an Indian restaurant named Rasika in D.C.

As Trump recently announced preparations to start frequenting restaurants within the District as additional presidents have done, maybe the daughter-father duo perhaps will be spotted together eating.

What do you think? Do you like the dress/look? Leave a comment in the comment’s section. We love hearing from you!

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Trump Temporarily Being Booted Off Twitter Prompts Investigation

On Thursday, Trump blamed the 11-minute account outage on Twitter on a "rogue employee."

Trump tweeted on Friday morning that his account on Twitter was deleted for 11 minutes by a rogue staff member. He said that he guessed the word finally must be getting out-and having a huge impact.

Twitter launched its own internal investigation on Thursday after a "customer support" worker, reportedly working her or his last day with Twitter, deactivated the highly viewed Twitter account of Trump for a brief time.

The company commented in a statement concerning the 11-minuted outage that they’re conducting a complete internal investigation.

It wasn’t clear how a “customer support” employee obtained clearance to deactivate this type of high-profile account. Trump tweeted over 36,000 times and has almost 42 million followers.

As reports initially came to the surface regarding the outage, officials on Twitter blamed it on “human error.”

Right before 7 p.m. on Thursday, social media reports came to the surface that the president’s @realDonaldTrump personal account, wasn’t available, showing the error message, ‘that user doesn’t exist.’ By 7:03 p.m. his account was restored.

However, around two hours later, Twitter reported that the deactivation was conducted by a customer support worker on Twitter who did this on the worker's last day.
In the past, Twitter has suspended additional accounts for violating its conditions and terms. Twitter resisted calls from the ones opposed to Trump to delete his account.

A White House spokesperson didn’t respond immediately to any requests for comment.

The president didn’t instantly address the outage after the account was reactivated. He, instead, tweeted his opinion on the GOP tax plan.

According to Trump there was a great tax cut rollout and lobbyists are storming Capital Hill, yet Republicans are going to hold strong and do what’s right for the American people.

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Coming of Change is in Sight!

Greetings to all followers. It appears to SuperTrump that things are changing rapidly about who the Russians were colliding with! Mueller has now stated that he's looking into the Democrats, the Clinton's, the Sale of Ukrainian and now comes the big issue???? As it appears the FBI may have had some involvement and Mueller was at that time the chief, now we need an impartial additional investigation on the FBI, including Mueller. So, he can't be impartial to himself!

Hannity says this is THE biggest scandal of the century...bigger than Watergate; however, our main media has lost its power to the people and everyday more viewers turn to FOX to hear the true facts. CNN twists their presentation, always faulting President Trump. And they seem embarrassed how they told false stories for so long. They made such a big deal about Russia and colluding but to think and discuss the collusion may have enriched the Clintons at the country's security is unimaginable. Best to say it was just a political game!

The senate has now paved the way for Congress to pass the President's Tax legislation. This will be a landmark bill that will raise the growth to over 4% and possibly more.

But SuperTrump is foreseeing a massive growth that will help facilitate a smooth, inexpensive global currency in the form of cryptocurrencies. This field known presently by only 1% is starting to enlarge itself analogous to the early advancement of when the Internet began, say 20 years ago.

If you knew that Google, Yahoo, Apple, eBay and others were the future big winners, your investment returns over time would be a sensation. So, as SuperTrump is able to see things to happen, then many of these new ICO's the Initial Coin Offerings will also be the future of Google. However, the rate of growth has increased more than 100-fold with many winners yielding thousands of percent gains.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

President slams Moore for ‘bomb’ on Broadway

Trump mocked Michael Moore, left-wing filmmaker, and tweeted on Saturday that Moore’s one-man show on Broadway was "a TOTAL BOMB".

Michael, the director of a multitude of documentaries, which includes "Farenheit 9/11," “Bowling for Columbine,” and “Roger and Me,” responded later on Saturday with one tweet of his own. See how he responded here.

"The Terms of My Surrender," Moore’s show, completed its 13-week run on October 22nd. The site claimed that it earned $4.2 million at the box office, fewer than 50% of its possible take.

The Broadway show that combined Michael’s autobiography with calls for political acts against President Trump and additional Republicans, was also a crucial disappointment. "Terms of My Surrender" was described as “self-aggrandizing and shaggy," according to the NY Times.

‘You do not have to disagree with Moore’s politics to see that his shtick became disagreeable with age,’ according to Jesse Green, a reviewer who compared Moore’s show to ‘becoming stuck at Thanksgiving supper with a time-sucking, self-regarding, garrulous uncle.’

Michael has been an outspoken Trump critic. Last August, he led the Broadway show's audience to the Trump Tower, so they could protest Trump’s reaction to violence in Charlottesville. The same evening, during a CNN interview, he compared Trump’s supporters to rape accomplices.

According to Moore at the time, if you hold down a woman while a rapist is raping her, and you did not rape her yourself, are you a rapist? He added, ‘let us cut the BS and begin to speak honestly.’

Moore, this week, said to the Wall Street Journal within an email that his show was the most artistically gratifying experience of his life and there were discussions on taking the show on the road.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Manchin wants Hillary to stay away from W. Virginia while trying for re-election

Senator Joe Manchin (D), who is up for a 2018 re-election, claimed that it "would not be wise" for H. Clinton to campaign for him within his home state of W. Virginia.

Manchin was asked within an interview which aired last Sunday if he was a "dead man walking" following Trump winning W. Virginia by a broad margin within the presidential contest of 2016.
He replied, "I do not think so," and listed off his previous political posts within the state and said of himself, "I am just W. Virginia, period. It is not Republican, Democrat to me."

Asked if he would like Hillary to campaign for him, Joe instantly derided the idea.

He replied that "It would not be wise for her to come to W. Virginia. It would not be a good thing for me or for her.”

Joe maintained that he and the Clintons are friendly, yet indicated that statements Clinton made regarding coal country, where W. Virginia is the core, within the campaign of 2016 were irreconcilable with his political prospects within the state.

Joe said her statements were ‘harmful and hard to say or justify. Hillary made a huge mistake and it wasn’t right.’

Clinton, in March of 2016, stated that ‘we will put lots of coal companies and coal miners out of business’ if she was awarded the presidency. Hillary, who pitched a $30 billion plan to revitalize the area which was hemorrhaging thousands of mining vocations by assisting it in transitioning to renewable energy development, later on stated that her comment was a "misstatement" following being confronted by a coal miner who was laid off at a W. Virginia campaign stop.

During her campaign, Joe campaigned for and supported Clinton, yet stated at that time her comments were "horrible."

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Trump Tweeted That His Administration Has Been Busiest in The History Of The U.S.

President Trump lashed out against critics on Saturday, and argued in a slew of tweets that he’s amongst the most productive presidents within the history of the United States.

The president cited Wall Street’s latest record high numbers, as well as the military’s most recent victories over Islamic State group inside Iraq and Syria as wins for the administration.

Trumps tweets came after Republicans in the Senate this week passed their fiscal budget for 2018 that’s viewed as step one for the Trump administration towards an overhaul on taxes.

The presidents most recent touts of his work additionally came amidst an argument with United States Republican Frederica Wilson, (Florida Democrat), over his condolence call to the widow of a killed United States soldier recently. Earlier on Saturday, Trump urged the media to keep reporting upon the “wacky” congresswoman of Florida.

The Hill stated that Trump tweeted his administration’s achievements in August, and said "few, Administrations have done more within just seven months than the Trump Administration. SC, ISIS, military, border, regulations killed, and bills passed.

The president states that he signed the most bills to law by any president over the past seven decades, yet failed to get a proposal of health care through the Senate. In July, one vote to repeal Obama’s health care bill failed, by a vote of 51 to 49.

And remember, the SuperTrump Interactive Rally that was set for Halloween has now been pushed back to February 19, 2018 due to the recent hurricane issues.

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